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Together, these elements Optimize your Leadership Capital

Your organization’s Leadership Capital is a precious, unique resource. In fact, it is the primary asset directly attributable to a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. But, it is also elusive to define, identify, measure and develop.

Linking Leadership To Strategy

The ability to map a strategic direction and move your organization forward is the critical test of leadership at every level…and it is the key to your organization’s competitive advantage and prosperity. Equally vital is the ability to alter course…anticipate and respond to a changing environment in your markets, technology, or competitive landscape.

But strategically directed change is the most difficult challenge. How your leaders lead determines both where your organization goes, and how it gets there. Aligning leadership practices with your strategic direction is critical to ensure your leaders are all pulling in the same direction. The leadership practices your people need to demonstrate depend on your organization’s strategic objectives and their individual roles.

Unique Solutions In Strategic Leadership Development

The leadership challenges your organization faces are unique..shaped by its culture, people, environment, history, market opportunities and strategic objectives. ExecuJobs offers a Leadership Development Program that is uniquely customized to meet the special requirements of each organization and each individual. It is a highly effective change process that addresses all the issues, and builds accountability into the development process in a uniquely powerful and comprehensive way.

The Leadership Development process includes 6 modules designed for organizations and individuals committed to successful change. Our flexible approach allows each module to stand on its own to meet clients specific needs, and fit together into a complete process that delivers a dynamic leadership development program to enable clients to achieve their strategic business objectives.

Leadership Development Programs can be conducted for individuals or groups.

Strategic Leadership Assessment

Leadership 360 Feedback

Strategic Leadership Development Seminars

Executive Coaching & Career Management

HR Best Practices Audit

A critical 1st step, identifies the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities needed to create a leadership culture aligned with your strategy. Utilizing a facilitated process aided by our unique assessment tools, enables clients to align business objectives with the specific leadership practices needed to achieve them.

This process is frequently deployed by private equity firms to assess the leadership capital of acquisition targets, identifying key competencies critical to deliver both short-term and long-term business plans.

Enables each leader to assess their leadership practices based on confidential feedback from their boss, peers, direct reports and themselves; extensively validated assessment tools ensure complete objectivity, facilitated feedback process is clear and non-threatening, combining persuasive insights with an action planning process that holds the individual accountable for his/her own progress.

Leaders are effective in direct relation to their awareness of themselves and how effectively they respond to the needs of others. A series of intensive modular seminars, help leaders master the skills and leadership behaviors needed to achieve their business objectives, moving participants from managing-to-leading and be most effective with each constituent group.

An intensive one-on-one version of the Strategic Leadership Development Seminar. Each coaching session is custom tailored to the executive’s needs and delivered over an extended period of time, to effectively monitor improvement and measure the Executive’s organizational effectiveness and leadership growth.

Also adaptable for executives-in-transition, either internally to new positions within the organization, or externally to new career challenges.

To attract, develop and retain current and future leaders, it is critical that the Best Practices associated with each are in place. An On-site discovery of HR Metrics v. Best-in-Practice Benchmarks followed by a presentation of findings and a recommendations blueprint to move your organization and processes into alignment with business objectives.