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Career Change, Career Search, & Career Advancement Services

In order to have a successful job search, you must:

  • Be able to identify job opportunities before they happen
  • Identify new industries that fit your skills
  • Identify other job titles suited to your skills

Create a powerful marketing campaign to kick the door of opportunity open!

Our services go beyond traditional job search and career management programs because of our advanced technology. The future of career search belongs to those motivated professionals who have access to superior business intelligence and know how to use it.

To Help you convert the interview into an offer and get in the door to the Hiring Decision-Maker.

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Our services include:

Our executive services include:

Our career guides come to us from a variety of senior-level/professional career disciplines. With decades of experience in the field of career management, career marketing and career change they are well versed in how to provide you with a solution oriented service to help you:

  • Establish appropriate level contacts
  • Find an ideally suited position
  • Design a job search campaign to fit your unique needs
  • Appraise your marketable skills
  • Identify and establish realistic career goals
  • Develop interview strategies that lead to job offers
  • Negotiate an improved incentive package

Our executive marketing services are supported by:

Company Intelligence

Develop contacts and help to identify target companies; new industries; and find critical business intelligence.

Hiring Intelligence

Superior business intelligence provides real time hiring intelligence from companies most likely in hiring mode. Make a proactive move toward career opportunities before they happen.

Recruiter Intelligence

Target recruiters from a database of 10,000 recruiters and refine your search geographically by those who specialize in a particular industry; job titles; and income levels.

Executive Intelligence

A database designed to help you identify high level contacts by job title; industry; educational institution & more.

Job Intelligence

We access hundreds of existing job openings each month, nationwide from companies in hiring mode.

Manage Your Job Search

Online software to calendar your interview progress; and store & organize your resumes & cover letters.

NOTE: ExecuJobs is a fee based executive career search marketing firm, not an employment agency.