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In blogs such as Intelligent Job Seeking (JQ) and the Job Searchers Check List I have dealt with the dos and don’ts regarding the required skills for a successful job search.  The Seven Deadly Sins refer to character defects which for job seekers are:

  1. Greed – I want to have a job in two to three months, though all the data suggests that for a managerial, executive or professional level position it generally takes much longer. I want to earn more than I earned when I was employed though market data may suggest a lower rate.
  2. Wrath – Because I expect this to happen quickly (see #1), I am angry when employers don’t call me back or answer my emails promptly nor make timely decisions regarding next steps and I express that anger, even if done so subtly.
  3. Sloth – I have become apathetic.  I have no goals for what I will achieve in a day, week or month and what I must do to find a job in a reasonable number of months.  I procrastinate doing what I must do. Ultimately I feel despair and act as if I can never find a job … though the truth is I can.
  4. Insanity:  Albert Einstein’s definition is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, e.g. spending all my time on job boards applying to hundreds of jobs without result.
  5. Pride – I am too proud to ask for help with my job search.  I attend parties with close friends and family and do not communicate that I am conducting a job search nor ask people that could help me to do so.  I fail to realize the truth that most would be very glad to help me, if approached the right way.
  6. Ignorance – I am aware of my skill shortcomings – PC skills, lack of degrees or certifications – necessary to compete successfully but I don’t make any effort to gain those skills or start on the process of gaining the degree or certification.  I won’t step outside my comfort zone.
  7. Falling Prey to Rumors and Innuendos – I am aware of career marketing firms and coaches but I think I can do this on my own (see Pride) though I have not success for several months.  Though I have heard of some complaints about these firms, I have done nothing to determine that though a tiny few complain loudly, there are hundreds who have had a very positive experience.  For example, see: http://www.execujobs.net/testimonials.html.

The fact is that career marketing firms such as ExecuJobs have helped thousands of job seekers overcome these “Sins”.   Go to www.ExecuJobs.net and see the hundreds of testimonials.  Read the biographies of their Coach Advisors.  See the links to their LinkedIn Profiles with dozens of recommendations from members who have achieved their goals thanks to consistent one-on-one coaching.  Give them an opportunity to help you.  Contact them @ PR@ExecuJobs.net.

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