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ExecuJobs – Scam Avoidance

For an Executive job seeker whose resume is on the Job Boards, there is a likelihood of getting calls from a variety of parties offering opportunities that have fooled some of the brightest executives I know.

One is to become a Consultant.  When one of my clients tells me they received one of these calls, my first question is, “what is their website?”  Often, we have difficulty finding any website.  If we do find a website, I point out that the message on the home page is the recruitment of consultants. If one examines the websites of some the “real” consulting firms such as Bain, McKinsey, Deloitte Consulting, A.T. Kearney, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Booz & Company, the message is aimed at businesses.  For example, the Bain site says “Helping Make Companies More Valuable”.  There is also a listing of Industry Verticals and a Client Listing with testimonials.  Using Bain again as an example, there is a testimonial from Michael Dell of Dell Computer among others.  There is a link to Career Opportunities, like any other employer, but this is a lesser message than the firms that scam unemployed executives.

What the Executive who is fooled finds is that rather than offering their expertise to client companies, and contrary to what they are told during the recruitment process, they have to develop their own business and, if they fail to, they won’t be doing any consulting … or earning any income.  Though some Finance, Logistics, Operations executives have that ability, the fact is most do not have the personality, skill or experience to sell and they find out the hard way after several months that the joining the “consulting firm” was a waste of time, and more troubling they feel angry and embarrassed that they believed a lot of things which turned out not to be true.

Another very common call to unemployed executives is from Financial Planning and Advisory Services.  I am not suggesting these are a scam but these firms do need recruit a lot of people and “throw them up against the wall and see what sticks”.  There is typically a modest base salary for a 6 month training period at which point the executive is licensed to sell insurance and other financial products but, here again, the primary skill requirement is selling and though some succeed, most don’t, especially in this economy.  If one is well-suited to sell financial products, there are nationally-known companies that will do a far better job of, and invest much more in, a careful selection process, training program and compensation during the ramp-up period.

Both these opportunities have in common compensation that is largely or totally variable, i.e., commission.  I have also seen many executives who are used to corporate salaries shy away completely from variable pay roles.  That is a mistake at the opposite end of the spectrum.  If the company is legitimate, i.e., not a scam, a commissioned-based role can be great!  If you excel at the role you might find yourself earning far more than you ever did on salary.  And, an advantage in this challenging employment market is that the risk of employing you is far less to the company so they more quickly and easily offer you a role given that you are sharing in the risk.

To make it through this “minefield” safely and not risk months at something that turns out to be a scam, you need to consult a professional.  ExecuJobs has helped thousands of job seekers evaluate all types of opportunities and determine which ones are “real” and which ones are scams; and for those have an element of risk, whether they would be a great match to your personality, skills and values. Give them an opportunity to help you. To start on the path to the solution to your career questions, contact us @ PR@ExecuJobs.net or go to www.ExecuJobs.net today!

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