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POSITION: SVP or C-level executive – Visionary in Data, Product and Monetization.


  • Must have recently held a leadership position at a demand-side platform company (DSPs), mobile app advertising company, a consumer-facing digital media company, social networking, or similar large scale data business with responsibility for data architecture, product development, and monetization.
  • Must be steeped in search & data and have built profiles around audiences.
  • Must have recent and significant experience in a leadership position with responsibility for data, trends in the data, and how to monetize data.
  • Must have experience in melding multiple sources of data together, finding rich data sources that create new opportunities and building intuitive tools that enable others to work together.
  • Must be a visionary who can figure out how technology and data get connected to business.  Need someone with experience working in an environment with massive scale data.
  • Must have exposure to and responsibility for organizing the data and creating value out of it.  Will have responsibility for working with business units like sales, marketing, etc. to put the data into a form that can be sold and monetized.  Ideal candidate will be able to oversee product and engineering.
  • Prefer candidates with small and large company experience. Need someone who enjoys the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a small company, but has been through the experience of scaling up an enterprise to significant organization size and revenues. Experience working in a dynamic (i.e. “startup”) environment is preferred.  IPO experience is a huge plus.

JOB ID: 1273

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