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eCommerce Leadership Positions

Position: eCommerce Leadership positions

Location: San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley)

Position reports to the Head of e-Commerce. He believes in hiring the best people, then providing them with clear incentives and responsibilities.  Focus is on achieving results. He believes in trust and likes to debate and encourage.  He is demanding, direct and hands off.  He is there to provide all the resources (financial, hr, customer service, etc) that you will need to grow and be successful. The employees at this company are very committed and passionate about their work.  They love and breathe it, generating new ideas constantly.  It is a v ery entrepreneurial, high energy, innovative environment.  Better to try and try again, then keep doing the same old thing.  He gives people plenty of room to work, operate and innovate.  But, he holds his team accountable for results.  Want people to work together as a team.

ID: 1249

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