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Director of Business Development

Position: Director of Business Development

Location: can be located anywhere in the United States.  Client is more focused on hiring the best, than on your location.

Compensation: Client is willing and able to put together the right package for the right candidate.  Compensation will include an annual base salary in line with experience level and market rates.  Should be able to at least double base with commissions.  No cap on commissions.  Plus, full benefits package.  Client wants someone who is very hungry and confident in their sales abilities.  The Client wants to hire someone who is very motivated.

This position reports directly to the VP of Sales and Marketing.  He doesn’t micromanage.  He needs team members who are self-motivated to successfully deliver with strong follow-up skills.  If results are not being achieved, then he will get involved.  He needs someone who is smart, independent, aggressive and self-motivated.  Someone that will come to him with problems in advance and someone who takes real ownership.  Someone that can be creative, proactive and take initiative.   He will do anything to make sure the deal happens and you hit your numbers. He wants hungry, passionate performers that are always working on to do whatever it takes to close deals and achieve goals.  Someone who has just always been good at figuring things out.

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