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POSITION:  CTO/Tech Evangelist


  • Must have recently held a leadership position at a company in the Infrastructure and/or  Platform As A Service (IaaS, PaaS) space with responsibility for setting the technical vision for the company.
  • Must be a brilliant technologist.  Need someone who has a history of hitting their goals, consistently thinking out of the box, filling the gaps, and showing lots of initiative.  CEO would love to see a candidate who was in a job where he/she was supposed to be doing X, but came up with something else that was amazing.  Or when their company was pivoting in a different direction, they became the GM or Head of Engineering and created something new.
  • Must be a real creator, architect, someone who has created something amazing from scratch at least once in their career.  Need someone who saw an opportunity or a problem and figured out how to solve it at a company in SaaS, cloud, IaaS, PaaS, enterprise software, etc.
  • Must be a Visionary who can create the strategy around current and future technologies and products that will capture the imagination of both developers and the market place.  Need someone who can assimilate info coming from different places and distill it down to a coherent strategy.  Need someone who can be pragmatic about it, not religious.
  • Must be able to assimilate the company’s IP, core competencies and match it with the demands of the market place.  Need someone to rationalize and integrate the current products and facilitate and make decisions to define and drive the product road map.
  • Must be focused on figuring out all the newest and greatest technologies, innovating and guiding the company’s future.  The CEO does not want this person to be bogged down running the engineering and product teams and worrying about product releases.  He wants this person to be worrying about the future.  Need the Brain of the tech organization!
  • Must be someone who can win the hearts and minds of the developers, gaining their respect.  Need someone that the developers are going to look at and say “Wow!  He/she is a brilliant technologist!”  Prefer someone who can help recruit and retain great talent.
  • Must be able to be the Tech Evangelist for the company.  Need someone who is super smart with good opinions that can get up on a white board and blow people away.  Prefer someone who enjoys blogging, tweeting, writing articles, books, etc.  Prefer someone who enjoys public speaking at conferences, seminars, etc and meeting with clients, prospects, analysts, investors, etc.  Someone who has their own patents would be ideal.
  • Prefer candidates with small and large company experience. Need someone who enjoys the entrepreneurial atmosphere of a small company, but has been through the experience of scaling up an enterprise to significant organization size and revenues. Experience working in a dynamic (i.e. “startup”) environment is preferred.  IPO experience is a huge plus.

JOB ID: 1274

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