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Differentiation – with a prominent image and hyperlink on your LinkedIn Profile, a hyperlink on your resume, email signature, letterhead and business card, you will generate curiosity encouraging viewers to click and learn much more about you than can be gleaned from a resume; and you will stand out from the crowd becoming a more memorable candidate for both hiring managers and recruiters.

“Being Found” – as you know, search engine results are driven by what has the most web links. Given each of the pages of the Portfolio can be search engine optimized, you will have many more web links than the typical candidate increasing dramatically the probability that you will be the candidate found in a search for someone of your skills and experience.

Age – if you are of ‘a certain age’, whether you are contemporary in your skills, always learning new technologies, tools and practices, is a question mark (more candidates are not versus are). Your Career Web Portfolio will demonstrate that you are using 21st century tools in your job search, therefore there will be an assumption you are contemporary in how you will perform your role.

Social Media Expertise – if you are a CEO, Marketing/Sales or IT executive there is hunger on the part of nearly all corporations for you to know how to utilize Social Media and Search Engine Optimization to market your products and/or services. Utilizing your Portfolio, which is of course your website, in combination with Social Media, will give you first-hand experience marketing yourself via Social Media and expertise to offer potential employers on what Social Media can and cannot do to support its marketing efforts.

As every successful marketing campaign must have a Social Media strategy, your job search campaign must have its Social Media Campaign!

So contact ExecuJobs, the premier executive career search marketing firm, and learn more about our unique Career Web Portfolio. Call ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 609 858 3964 or complete an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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