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The obvious answer must be applying to a known open job – right? No, wrong! The average time from applying to job to receiving a response is three months. Let’s look at what could be accomplished in three months:

Targets – Within a week of starting a job search, through good research, one can identify a number of companies likely to have a need for your skills and experience. The only question will be when.

Network – if you are an avid LinkedIn user, the odds are high that employees in those target companies will be only two to three degrees away from you and can help you to connect to your potential hiring manager.

Get a meeting to get acquainted and “no opportunity” becomes an opportunity – the ‘old’ me told there were “no current opportunities” would have said “thanks anyway, please keep my resume on file for when you do”. The me who learned effective job seeking skills in the mid-90s requested a “get acquainted” meeting in the event of future needs. All three jobs I have gained since came this way. In one case, the company had many candidates in their pipeline but by meeting they learned I like to do something my colleagues do not like. So when a need arose for those skills, I got the job.

Value proposition – networking through a mutual acquaintance will often get you the meeting out of courtesy to the acquaintance; but you still have to know the unique value you offer. Anyone who knows me knows I have a great interest in web applications. When I targeted ExecuJobs several years ago, I was interested because I thought their website was the best in the industry – the most transparent in terms of services and the most resources linked to the site that demonstrated an investment in all the tools I would need to best serve clients. When I met the COO, I told him I was impressed which he was thrilled to hear because he had led the charge in making these investments. Then I told him all my ideas to make the site better and suggested a number of additional resources he was unaware of and anxious to learn more about taking notes as I spoke. Obviously, I got the job!

But, I did not get the job that day as there was no immediate need. The CEO told me of plans at that time to expand to Northern New Jersey and it was the opening of new offices that would create the need for me. We kept in touch and when the plans were definite for the new office, I was hired.

That entire process took four months but given nothing happens for three months when you apply online and then going through rounds of interviews and ultimately receiving an offer is another one to three months – typically a total of six months – networking to a job is indeed faster!

It takes planning, research, skill and perseverance to network to a job. For over 20 years, the leadership of ExecuJobs, premier executive career search marketing firm, has assisted thousands of clients to successfully achieve their goals, and in a significantly shorter period of time. Contact ExecuJobs today by calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 800.767.0691 or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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