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When Positioning Yourself For Salary Negotiations, Think New Car Advertising

Traditional negotiating is like selling a used car: your research indicates your car is worth $9,000 so you add a cushion and advertise it for $10,000 and leave room for negotiating. Auto manufacturers have learned that key is to get you in the showroom so they advertise new cars with a “starting at price”. Once you test drive the car and “fall in love with it”, they hope you will add features – premium sound system, moon roof, navigation system, etc. – and happily pay more than you had intended.

You should position yourself with employers in a similar fashion. Go to http://www.execujobs.net/news.html for a link to search salary survey data. Determine the 50th percentile for the positions you are targeting. This number is generally the top of the hiring range. If you have many years of experience, you may be earning more than that number. So, create a range from slightly below the 50th percentile to where you would like to be. Whenever you are asked by an employer or recruiter for either your salary requirements or current salary, and you cannot deflect the question, provide your range. Since recruiters are working with a range, if your range overlaps with theirs, you will have overcome any concerns they may have that you are too high in their range and you will proceed to the next step – getting them into “your showroom”. Once they complete the interviewing process and decide you are the candidate to hire, then and only then, do you have the leverage to negotiate to the top of range. Since they have “fallen in love with you” (selection really is an emotional decision) and perceive your value, you will then be in a position to negotiate for the top of your range and will be likely to get it or close to it.

If I had to pick the biggest issue that stands between candidates who have generated the interest of an employer or recruiter but fail to get called in for an interview it is positioning themselves like a used car, not a new car. The professionals at ExecuJobs have helped thousands of job seekers answer the salary inquiry question properly and ensured the interviews have followed; then they have advised how to negotiate to the top of the range and get it – there is often a difference between first and final offers $10,000 or more! So give ExecuJobs an opportunity to help you @ PR@execujobs.net or go to www.execujobs.net today!

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