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One of the most difficult things about a job search are the feelings of being overwhelmed; the months of frustration when so many, especially those you thought were friends, do not return your calls or emails; and the disbelief that one will find a job within a reasonable period of time.

We all know these are natural human emotions, but we also know that these emotions are counterproductive to focused activity and performing at one’s best. In fact, you may think you are masking these emotions when you interview and network but the odds are very high that your state of mind is very apparent to others and that you are repelling the very people you are trying to attract.

Let me tell you a story:  In 1985 I built a house that was supposed to be completed on May 1. I had the movers scheduled for May 1, my lawyer and mortgage broker scheduled for a closing on May 1, and my temporary living arrangement scheduled to end May 1. Every day I communicated with the builder who advised me of yet one more delay in getting the Certificate of Occupancy and everyday I called the movers, the lawyer, the mortgage broker and the hotel to postpone another couple of days. This went on everyday for four weeks. I felt enormous stress and every time my wife and I passed a rest home in town, I joked that I was ready to check in to recover from this ordeal. I hated the builder and swore I would never build another house. Finally on May 28, we closed and moved into the house and lived there very happily for 11 years.

In 1996 we built another house.  We were told the house would be completed by August 1.  This time I anticipated that a closing any time prior to September 1 would be terrific. I took in stride every delay communicated by the builder. I did nothing to schedule the mover, the lawyer, the mortgage broker or end my hotel stay until late August when it became clear that the builder was finally ready to close August 28.

As we met the neighbors, every neighbor hated the builder for the delays they experienced, while we had no ill feelings towards the builder at all. This was a stress-free move with no need for a stay in a rest home (though I was 11 years older) and yet all that had changed was adjusting my expectation that, based on experience, a delay in closing of 4 weeks on new construction was a likely event to be expected.

Had I had a ‘New House” Coach when I built my first house, that experience would have been stress-free as well.

So, have a stress-free job search by retaining an experienced Career Coach who has advised hundreds of clients and will share with you what expectations are realistic and reassure you throughout the process that progress is being made and you will be in your new role sooner than you think! Contact ExecuJobs, the premier Executive Career Marketing firm, today by calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 800.767.0691 (Extension 310) or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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