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The Holiday Season Has Begun … Is My Job Search On Hold?

The answer is a resounding no! There will be more days than usual when people will not be in the office and interviews not conducted; but companies with needs will continue to interview and make offers everyday up to and including New Years Eve.

What to do on those quiet days, like last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving? Two things:

  1. Network – every gathering over the holidays is an opportunity to network. Ask for a job? No, but how about, “I am trying to connect to Acme Tool & Die, do you know anyone who can help me?” You would amazed at how much help you can get this way, and I am not talking about just company holiday parties, I am talking about over the Christmas dinner table. Your brother-in-law may be active in his church or synagogue with an executive from Acme, your sister’s accounting firm may do their books. Friends and family care about you and want to help and we often do not know who they know both personally and professionally. So ask for help. If you do not have list of target companies, you should. Read my last blog for ideas: “Do You Want an iPhone or Samsung Phone for Christmas?”
  2. News – in your town weekly, as well as many other sites, there are news articles that are ‘job triggers’, i.e., indicators of hiring needs. Even private companies that do not do press releases are mentioned in releases by service providers. Commercial real estate brokers consistently announce when they rent space to a new tenant (which indicates a growing company or one moving into your backyard). Software and telecom vendors announce new installations. Companies announce hiring a new executive which indicates an opening at the executive’s old company. Investment banks announce companies they are backing and their deals for the past year. The idea is not to jump on any local company but to do this in a targeted way within your industry (again the blog above will be helpful).

So keep your efforts up at maximum level. Most of your competition will take the holiday season off leaving your efforts even more noticeable … and successful!

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