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As I write this blog, tax returns are due to be filed in two weeks.  Most everyone I know is a “wage slave” meaning their taxes have been withheld and they are due a refund.  I know some who filed 8 weeks ago anxious to get their hands on that refund.  I know others who despite the refund, are planning to file an extension to get six more months to prepare their return – quite a range!

Likewise, when one is networking – via LinkedIn, email or phone – the range of response times will be equally broad.  Some will be instant but, for most, the odds of a quick response are slim.  We all have a lot on our plates – tax returns to file, other priorities – so responding to a networking request may take a number of days and a couple of reminders.  If one follows the four Ps of effective networking, most requests will ultimately receive a response.

  1. Patient – if you expect a quick response, you will become frustrated and that frustration will show and “poison” your communications.  On the hand, if you expect no one to respond without follow-up, and organize for that follow-up, you will take the varied response time in stride and patiently allow sufficient time between follow-ups.
  2. Persistent – the best sales professionals will follow-up routinely for months … and get the sale. Don’t give up after only a couple of attempts!
  3. Polite – Stay very polite – remember you are asking for a favor – politeness makes people want to help you.  Those who complain too much to the waiter that their soup is cold get served soup with a dollop of spit!
  4. Professional – when you combine patience, persistence and politeness, you appear highly professional – just the kind of person one would want to connect to, assist, and be perceived as a valuable person to have in one’s network.  In networking, though you are the one seeking a lead, referral, contact or intelligence, the more the other person perceives you as a valuable person to know, the more likely they will assist you!

Following the Four Ps has enabled me to build a network of over 1,300 individuals – all connected to me on LinkedIn.  The goal of the activity to have a network of executive recruiters, Private Equity firms and successful past clients – all to the benefit of ExecuJobs’ current clients.  As each client becomes connected to me, they have access to this network.

To manage this extensive activity, ExecuJobs provides each client with a state-of-the-art Contact Management tool.  Just as Business Development professionals are utilizing SalesForce.com, Siebel CRM or ACT, job seekers require a comparable tool.

Last, and most importantly, ExecuJobs provides the coaching to determine whether it is time to follow-up – avoiding being too aggressive and off-putting, nor appearing to lack a sense of urgency; as well as ensuring no opportunity “falls through the cracks”.

Contact ExecuJobs, the premier executive career search marketing firm, today by calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 800.767.0691 (Extension 310) or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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