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The Five Interview Questions you must be Prepared to Answer

I know, you are still struggling to get an interview … but you will. After weeks of hard work, which must be the right hard work, the interviews do come but that is just the beginning because if you cannot answer the following 5 questions, you will not be called back for a second or final round or worse yet, after weeks of interviewing, someone else will get the offer.

1. Tell me about yourself? This is your “elevator pitch” and should answer in 60 seconds why you should be hired. You need to state how hiring you will contribute to the organization’s success.

2. What are your strengths? What do you do particularly well … what differentiates you.This is not “tooting your horn”; rather a statement of fact. A Prius is characterized by outstanding gas mileage, a Suburban by great towing capacity. One is not better than the other. Each offers something to the consumer with a particular set of needs. What do you offer to this employer’s particular set of needs?

3. What are your weaknesses? If you tell me you are a Suburban, I know your gas mileage will be low. Key is that you know your weaknesses because only then can you take action to improve.

4. What are your salary requirements? This may be the biggest sand trap of them all. If you provide information that you are outside of the employer’s range, your candidacy is done. And, “I’m flexible” won’t cut it. You need to research what the market rate is for your skills and position yourself at the “going rate”.

5. Why are you unemployed? I can’t count how many times a candidate has told me it was “mutual” they “decided to leave”, yet later in the interview acknowledged they received severance. Terminations are either voluntary or involuntary and severance is only paid upon an involuntary termination. Tell the truth in the best possible way but don’t try to “cover up” because, as we have seen time and time again, the consequences for a cover up are always greater than for the crime alone.

Fortunately, there are professional career management and marketing firms that can assist you in preparing to interview. In fact, be sure to go through a Mock Interview and receive feedback on specifically how you answered each question. And, if there is much room for improvement, do it again.

So, consult a professional. ExecuJobs has helped thousands of job seekers achieve their goals – not simply a job but a great match. Give them an opportunity to help you. To start on the path to the solution to your career questions, contact us @ PR@execujobs.net or go to www.execujobs.net today!

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