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Many of us who came to age in the 1970s or later have lost touch with certain qualities mankind has possessed for thousands of years. If you ever watch Cesar Milan’s show “The Dog Whisperer” or read his books, you know what I mean. A man always knew how to dominate his animals, children, and yes, wife. We learned in the ‘70s that was inappropriate (and of course it is) with respect to one’s spouse. But, it is in our young children’s best interest to “dominate” in the sense that we need them to listen to us and not run into the street or behave in other potentially dangerous ways. And there is no joy having a dog that does not behave well with children, other dogs, or who wrecks the house.

Cesar Milan teaches that a dog owner must change their behavior for the dog’s behavior to change; and that the priorities are first discipline, then exercise and last affection. Had I known this, I would have raised my children by these principles (lol). But there are actually similar principles for raising children known as Tough Love. There is a wonderful illustration of the father who handed his teenager a dime (it’s an old story!) and said, “If you ever get in trouble, no matter what it is, use that dime to call me; but the second time you get into trouble, don’t call”. A compassionate, understanding father who recognizes children make mistakes, which is acceptable, and he is there to help; but if they make the same mistake again, they are own to face the “natural consequences” of their behavior. This father defines his expectations and the clear consequences of ignoring his expectations – he is an Alpha Male in the best possible way.

So what does it mean to be an Alpha Job Seeker? An Alpha Job Seeker knows:

• What He Offers – his Value Proposition – confidently able to express his strengths, competencies, and accomplishments; and yes, his areas needing improvement.

• What He Wants – he does not want a job, he wants a challenge; he wants an opportunity to contribute in a specific way to the needs of the organization; he wants a good fit to the culture which means he wants the organization to value how he leads, makes decisions and solves problems.

• How to Ask Others for Help – he knows he has contacts and business intelligence to share with others and is therefore not afraid to ask others for their advice, contacts and marketplace knowledge.

• How To Follow Up Until People Respond To Him – he does not take it as a personal affront when busy people do not respond to him on his timetable; rather, he allows appropriate time to pass and then calmly and routinely tries again for a response.

Just as dog owners seek Cesar Milan’s knowledge and skill to change their behavior to be more effective dog owners, job seekers need to gain the above knowledge and skills to become an Alpha Job Seeker. For over 20 years, the leadership of ExecuJobs, premier executive career search marketing firm, has assisted thousands of clients to successfully present themselves so they are hired versus their competition. Contact ExecuJobs today by calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 800.767.0691 or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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