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“The Affair”

HBO has a great new show called “The Affair” about a two married people who have an affair. Each episode is broken in half – one half the man’s point-of-view, the other half’s the woman’s. The differences are astounding … everything from who initiated the sexual relationship to the man recalling the woman offered a cigarette versus the woman recalling he requested a cigarette.

These differences reflect the nature of all human relationships – not only couples but also parents and children, between friends and manager and employee. Imagine a manager has a staff of three and has to lay off one. Over the course of the past year, he has set a goal for all three, to transition to 10 well-defined new processes. Employee A immediately executes the first 8 and suggests doing two in a different and better manner. Employee B has reasons not to adopt any, preferring his own ways but, eventually, he gradually adopts 6 of the 10. Employee C has reasons not to adopt any and never does. Guess who gets laid off?

Clearly, we have to recognize that in all relationships, there are two points-of-view; and in some relationships, the other party has the upper hand and our inability to recognize their point-of-view can lead to loss of employment.

As job seekers, the prospective employer has the upper hand and it is therefore essential to understand their point-of-view. Failure to do results in few interviews, fewer callbacks for additional interviews and even fewer offers.

There are 4 areas where the typical job seeker fails to recognize the employer’s point-of-view:

  1. A desire for the resume to contain:
    1. Descriptive data regarding employers and roles.
    2. Measurable accomplishments and how each was accomplished.
    3. Knowledge of specific Systems, Regulatory Compliance and Best Practices.
    4. Why does your LinkedIn Profile not reflect a more savvy use of Social Media? Is your knowledge of technology contemporary … as well as your knowledge of your field?
    5. You are promoting 25+ years of experience – we require half that – can we afford you?
    6. When interviewing you, can you articulate your strengths and weaknesses? Can you differentiate yourself from other candidates – why you would be the superior candidate?

The coaching of ExecuJobs’ professional Career Advisors ensures each client is responding effectively to the employer’s point-of-view in theses areas … as well as every other!

So take the first step and contact ExecuJobs, the premier executive career marketing firm, today by emailing Client Services @ PR@execujobs.net, calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 609.858.3964 or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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