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The 7 Liabilities of Executive Job Seekers

I read hundreds of resumes each year and meet many dozens of job seekers. Most have one or more of the following liabilities; many have all seven liabilities. They are:

  1. Keywords – recruiters will search for certain keywords they would expect any appropriate candidate to have prominently on their resumes … yet most often they are not there.
  2. Positioning – very often a candidate may have gone back and forth between Sales and Marketing. Which one do they seek now?
  3. Accomplishments – resumes should be filled with measurable accomplishments. And, it should be clear HOW each was accomplished.
  4. LinkedIn – as LinkedIn is the number one talent database for internal and external recruiters, and recruiters are masterful users of social media, they will be drawn to candidates that are highly visible on LinkedIn and are demonstrating their mastery as well. This is especially true for Technology and Marketing executives who will have the responsibility for the Company’s use of social media. If that mastery is not apparent, the candidate is passed over.
  5. Employment History – if you have gaps in employment, especially most recently; or have had a number of short-tenured jobs, e.g., 6 jobs in 10 years, you will be passed over.
  6. Graduate Degrees and Certifications – if you are a CFO for example, most employers are seeking an MBA and/or CPA. If you have both, you will compete quite well; if you have neither, you will be passed over.
  7. Age – the data is clear that if you are 55 or older, the length of time you will be unemployed is significantly longer.

Each liability is an anchor dragging down your ship in its efforts to sail towards your destination of new employment. If they are not all removed, your trip will be a long one, with the potential of never reaching your destination.

The coaching of ExecuJobs’ professional Career Advisors ensures each client has no “anchors dragging them down”. First, there is the careful diagnosis of what your liabilities are; then creative counter-measures are taken to minimize or eliminate each and every one.

So take the first step and contact ExecuJobs, the premier executive career search marketing firm, today by emailing Client Services @ PR@execujobs.net or calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 609.858.3964 or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.



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