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Test your Tech Savvy

“Consumer Reports” magazine has the following quiz in their current issue. Go ahead and take it and see how you do:

1. Blu-ray A. A way to link devices such as printers and smart phones to your computer.
2. Netbook B. TV with more than the usual number of lines per frame so pictures show more detail.
3. VoIP C. The standard unit of measurement for digitized image resolution.
4. USB D. “Full HD” indicating the number of pixels a TV screen can display.
5. HDTV E. An optical-disc storage medium designed to supersede the standard DVD format.
6. Megapixel F. A small, light, inexpensive laptop.
7. 1080p G. Technology that lets you get phone service over the Internet.

Answers: 1E, 2F, 4A, 5B, 6C, 7D

The article states, “For each term, those under age 40 more likely to say they know all about this one”. There is abundant data that in this economic downturn, people as young as 45 are finding it taking a much longer time to find a position than those under 45. This quiz may be a significant explanation. Executives 40 and under have probably had a PC on their desk since their first job out of college. Executives much older than 40, may have achieved management status with an administrative assistant and had limited need for a PC on their desk. There is though a photograph of retiring Supreme Court Justice Stevens with a PC on his desk back in 1987 when he was only 67 years old!

Most of these terms are associated with home electronics not office desktops so even if you’ve not had a need to do much of job on a PC, those who enjoy the latest in home entertainment are curious and anxious to learn how they can maximize their TV viewing pleasure, improve their photographs or reduce their home telephone expense. Those who have let the both the office and home electronic revolution pass them by may be demonstrating to prospective employers that they lack the desire to stay current in their field and use the tools that will maximize the productivity of themselves and their staffs … and that may be a significant barrier to employment.

So, if you are conducting a job search and are much over 40, take this quiz. If you do not get most correct, recognize you need a parallel goal of gaining technical savvy while conducting your search. ExecuJobs utilizes every bit of 21st century technology to conduct a savvy job search and can market you in a way that will have you appear more tech savvy than you may currently be. So, give them an opportunity to help you. To start on the path to the technical solutions to your job search, contact us @ PR@execujobs.net or go to www.execujobs.net today!

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