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Six Reasons to Retain ExecuJobs to Guide You in a Successful Job Search

  1. Marketplace information needs: ExecuJobs has a broad and deep knowledge of business – by industry and function. There are specific information requirements that, for example, a manufacturing company has when seeking a CFO. Rarely, if ever, do resumes fulfill those needs; yet, with that information, the phone will ring, interviews scheduled and offers extended.
  2. Marketplace opportunities: even with improved employment data, there are still substantial consolidations, acquisitions, off-shoring and right-sizing occurring limiting opportunities in many industries. ExecuJobs has the expertise to uncover the young industries and fast companies where opportunities are robust.
  3. Winning: And again though employment data reflects improvement, there is no data to suggest there is any less competition for those openings. February auto sales were up 5% yet Ford was down 2% – an improved market but Ford failed to successfully compete. Everything ExecuJobs does is to ensure you win the competition – the candidate that gets the offer.
  4. Overcoming liabilities: Most job seekers have some liability to overcome – age, short-tenured jobs, a long period of unemployment – and most unwittingly advertise those liabilities. ExecuJobs knows how to creatively mask those liabilities to help get you in front of decision-makers.
  5. Social media: Surveys show that employers and recruiters are using LinkedIn 94% of the time to find talent. ExecuJobs cutting-edge expertise with Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and a unique, personalized Career Portfolio website – ensures both that you will be found by employers and recruiters, and have the ability to connect to any hiring decision-maker.
  6. A model for success: Unlike firms that seem to disappear early in the job search process, ExecuJobs is incented, and committed, to working with you until success is achieved.

So contact ExecuJobs, the premier executive career search marketing firm, and learn more about our unique model for success. Call ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 609.786.2408 or complete an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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