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Imagine writing an ad to sell your house and starting the ad with, “25-year old house”.  You would never do that because then the potential buyer would want to know, “will I have to replace the roof? The siding? The hot water heater? The kitchen appliances? Will the kitchen, flooring and walls be dated and I will have to update them all?”

So instead you would start off your ad with, “Totally up-to-date house.  New roof, siding and Anderson windows. All new kitchen with Bosch appliances.  Newly finished hardwood floors throughout.”

Yet every job seeker who is plus or minus 50-years old starts their resume and cover letter with, “over 25-years of experience”.  Why, because job seekers too often do not know what are the most desirable skills in the marketplace; and, do not know how to communicate the skills and abilities they possess.

The answer is to be professional advised: to be made aware of the skills the marketplace desires, and to document them and highlight them on the resume and cover letters.  That is what needs to be stated, not “over 25-years of experience”.

The best professional advice available is from ExecuJobs, the premier executive career-marketing firm.  Learn more about the advice available by contacting ExecuJobs today at pr@execujobs.net or 800.767.0691 (Extension 310).

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