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“Millions of workers were involuntarily booted from their jobs during the peak of the recession, but as the summer of 2011 rolled around, an increasing number of workers quit their posts voluntarily.”


This recent headline is certainly a portending of an improving employment marketplace.  Though the headlines have been bleak for several years regarding general employment trends, the fact is the recession hit hardest those lacking a college degree and those at the extremes of the age spectrum – recent college graduates and those older workers especially where their skills have not remained current.

But, for those in the middle – 35 – 55 years old, college-educated and with desirable skills, the unemployment rate is actually quite low, around 4.5%.

Even with this good news, the challenges remain.  The majority of jobs being filled are not posted on the commercial job boards and are not in the hands of the recruiters so finding these jobs requires great skill. And while the unemployed can work 40 hours per week on their job search, the employed have limited available time.  Last, the employed job seeker needs to be discrete in their search so they do not jeopardize the job they do have and can resign after they have accepted an attractive offer.

Many think of engaging the services of a career marketing and coaching firm when they have lost their job and are making little progress on their own and do not think of coaching when employed and in no particular hurry to find the next job.

But as much value career coaching offers the unemployed, there is even more value to the employed:

First is maximizing limited time.  Mastering job searching, particularly if not done recently, is for most everyone, a lengthy trial-by-error process – months spent will little return on invested time.  With professional coaching, the sand traps, pitfalls and errors are avoided so that there is a high rate of return on limited invested time.

Second, when one has no job, taking risks that a job accepted that may turn out to be a poor fit is better than having no job while bills pile up.  But for the employed person, this is an unacceptable risk.  To go from a secure job to a job that does not last jeopardizes a solid resume, risks cash flow and flushes away vested benefits.  That is why until recently, there has not been much voluntary resignation activity.  The headline above reflects that after several years of unhappiness in a job, there is sufficient confidence now to resign for another job.  But, this must be done wisely to avoid collateral damage and good coaching can help to evaluate carefully the risk-reward ratio.

Third, is the need for a discrete job search to not jeopardize the current job.  Since job seekers overwhelmingly rely on applying to positions on the job boards, this is the riskiest of strategies.  A marketing campaign must be developed to largely avoid the job boards and apply very selectively to avoid being discovered by one’s current employer.

Last, employed candidates have greater leverage to negotiate for a better compensation package than does the unemployed person.  One can expect an incentive to be offered to change jobs.  But how much?  $5,000?  $10,000?  $50,000?  Most executives admit that while they are world-class negotiators on behalf of their employers, they feel ineffective in negotiating on their own behalf.  One more reason for professional coaching!

For over 20 years, the leadership of ExecuJobs, premier executive career search marketing firm, has assisted both employed and unemployed clients to successfully meet the challenges of a competitive marketplace and maximize their time spent on their job search.

If you are looking to expand your network, accelerate your search and maximize career opportunities, contact ExecuJobs today.  Email us @ PR@ExecuJobs.net or call 800.767.0691 Extension 310.

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