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If you have resolved to lose weight and exercise more in 2012, you should also resolve to be employed in a job that is a good fit!

For those of you who are employed and tolerating a lousy job but feel trapped by the economy, you should not be. The unemployment rate for those who are college-educated is only 4.4% – less than half the national average.

Yes, I know large companies are still announcing lay-offs but many small to mid-sized companies are hiring – but not posting on the Job Boards. It requires analytical and research skills to uncover these opportunities.

And, yes I know you are a big user of LinkedIn and hope to find your next job via online networking but it is not that simple.

Last Spring, after utilizing an accountant to prepare my tax return for the previous 15 years, I purchased TurboTax and filed my own returns. TurboTax was easy to use but there was another form I needed to file; yet TurboTax did not know the question to ask me that would have prompted me to include the form, so I ended up retaining an accountant to prepare an amended return. This year, I will return to relying on an accountant!

Likewise, most job seekers do not know the questions that hiring managers and recruiters have when reviewing your LinkedIn Profile or resume. One of the greatest values career marketing experts offer is to ask you the right questions and ensure those answers are contained within your resume and LinkedIn Profile.

To have an expert ask you the right questions, contact ExecuJobs, an executive career marketing firm that works with executives to provide the answers in your resume and on the web – both on LinkedIn and our unique Career Web Portfolio. For more information contact ExecuJobs @ pr@execujobs.net or call 800.767.0691.

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