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Job Searchers Check List

  • Has a list of 20 Top Target Companies.
  • The list is documented on a mini-resume, i.e., a Networking Profile.
  • Is regularly attending 2 – 3 Networking Meetings organized around their Function, Industry or simply fellow job-seekers (yes Virginia, unemployed people can be as helpful or more so in offering leads and connections).
  • Has perfected their Elevator Pitch to introduce themselves at the meetings. The Pitch places as much or more emphasis on where they would like to go than where they came from.
  • Have business cards to exchange contact information at the meetings.
  • Are expert on using LinkedIn and add meeting attendees to their LinkedIn connections. Joins many virtual LinkedIn Groups as well as attending ‘real’ groups.
  • Are using other Social Media in their job search (e.g., Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter).
  • Have a Career Web Portfolio to distinguish them from the crowd.
  • Maintaining a Tracking Sheet of their progress in connecting to their targets and following up routinely, i.e., recognizing many people will require weekly follow-up until they have an opportunity to respond.
  • Are “news hounds” following their targets in the press for job triggers and pain points they have the background to address. They know how to draft a Value Proposition letter and ask for a meeting and they have the resources to gain the contact information for the right executive to write to.

The professionals at ExecuJobs have helped thousands of job seekers check yes next to each item above. So give ExecuJobs an opportunity to help you @ PR@execujobs.net or go to www.execujobs.net today!

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