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Job Hunting In The 21st Century – Are You Being Found?

There is more and more evidence that the secret of successful job seeking in the 21st century is to be found. In other words, if Recruiters and Companies have needs, they are not putting up job postings, which get an overwhelming response; they are out looking for talent on the web.

So how do you become the person they will find?

§ Content – the age-old issues associated with creating a resume are magnified a million times over when you are creating your web presence: Does your resume differentiate you? Does show the appropriate keywords? Does it mask your age? How does it handle lengthy current unemployment or gaps in previous employment?

§ Platform – since there is only so much content you can put on a LinkedIn Profile for example, you need a multi-page website, a Career Web Portfolio, to highlight your Proficiencies, Results, Achievements, Experience, Education, Recommendations; and interested parties should be able to download your resume for this site in Word or PDF.

§ Social Media Profiles – you need to have a brief but robust profile on LinkedIn, Plaxo, XING and Facebook if you choose to use Facebook professionally (don’t mix the professional with personal use). Other sites for profiles are ZoomInfo, Twitter and Gist.

§ Connections – effective users of Social Media sites have hundreds of connections (I have over 1,000). Research indicates if one has 500 or more connections on LinkedIn, one will be found in 90% of the searches that match your skills and experience.

§ Dynamic – last, effective users of Social Media are always doing things that bring attention to themselves within their network by adding connections, joining Groups, making changes to their Profiles, Tweeting or Blogging.

Fortunately, there are professional career management and marketing firms that are expert in every component of effective Social Networking and have all the necessary tools and resources. So, consult a professional. ExecuJobs has helped thousands of job seekers achieve their goals – not simply a job but a great match. Give them an opportunity to help you. To start on the path to the solution to your career questions, contact us @ PR@ExecuJobs.net or go to www.ExecuJobs.net today!

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