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Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox, hit .406 in 1941.  Each time he was at bat, he had both the knowledge that the odds of him getting a hit was only 4 out of 10,  and he had the confidence he could hit the ball over The Green Monster.

The Inner Game of Tennis is the preeminent book on the mental game in sport. Whether your issue is a lack of confidence, nervousness, anger management, dealing with distractions or the inability to stay down on your shots every time, this book will put you on the path to the solution. A leading innovator in sports psychology, Tim Gallwey explains why these things happen and why everything you’ve tried so far has been unsuccessful. Ironically, the harder you work at solving these kinds of issues, the more they haunt you and the worse your game gets.

You can think of your brain as having two distinct parts, what Gallwey refers to as Self #1 and Self #2. Self #1 is your conscious mind, where you think, feel emotions, and consciously control your muscles. Self #2 is a nonverbal being, quietly managing the orderly running of the body, storing myriad experiences in memory and retrieving them appropriately without conscious effort.

Likewise, the job seeker has two Selves. Self #1 knows not every call, email, or LinkedIn message will be quickly responded to and that almost all will require follow-up. #1 knows not every interview will result in a callback or every callback an offer.

Yet job seeker #2 is focused and confident that through persistence, patience, professionalism and politeness, a good number of their network connections will provide useful new connections and intelligence regarding hidden opportunities; and that some interviews will result in callbacks and some callbacks offers despite the weeks of nothingness from a company that is simply busy running a business and will eventually get back to you.

The ongoing coaching of ExecuJobs’ professional Career Advisors ensures each client has a healthy #1 and #2 Self … providing insight into the mysterious companies’ hiring processes, and ensuring focus and confidence so that when you are up at bat, you have every reason to believe you are capable of hitting the ball over The Green Monster!

So contact ExecuJobs, the premier executive career search marketing firm, today by calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 800.767.0691 (Extension 310) or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.

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