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When I’m in need of a new vehicle, I do extensive Internet research prior to making a purchase.  A very common practice at the top of any product review is a short list of three pros and three cons.  I like this practice as it allows me to quickly determine if I want to learn more about the product.  And the fact that something may be a con, does not prevent me from having interest in the product.  For example, my small SUV has listed as a con that it has less cargo space than the competition. But since I was driving a coupe prior to this vehicle, the cargo space of the SUV is more than adequate for my needs.

So I knew after reading the short list of pros and cons that this was a vehicle I wanted to learn more about and proceeded to read the entire review and learn the actual cargo space versus the competition.  Armed with all the facts, I proceeded to the dealership and purchased the vehicle.

This is a luxury vehicle and I get regular mailings on their new products which are beautiful glossy color brochures.  My last vehicle was not a luxury vehicle and they typically mail me a simple postcard describing a single vehicle. The postcards go right into the recycling bin while the glossy brochures are kept to refer to when it’s time to start considering my next vehicle.

By now I’m sure you know where I am heading.  I do not think I have ever seen a resume that quickly communicates the equivalent of a short list of pros and cons. I do not literally mean a list of pros and cons but rather a statement of facts that I can quickly convert to pros and cons.  There is a myth that resumes need to be read in under a minute.  That is not true.  Resumes, like automobile reviews, need enough factually descriptive information on top of the resume to allow the reader to determine a match to need; if there is a match, there is great willingness to read the entire resume, even one 3 pages long.

Likewise I do not believe I’ve ever interviewed a candidate who could communicate their short list of pros and cons, i.e., strengths and weaknesses.  If I cannot figure out what the candidate uniquely offers, there is no reason to pursue the candidate further.

ExecuJobs ensures that every client’s resume effectively communicates the unique value proposition of the individual.  And the interview preparation process ensures the client can succinctly communicate their list of ‘pros and cons’.

Last, ExecuJobs provides its clients a career web portfolio that markets them like a luxury automobile.   See a sample at: http://mycareerhighlights.com/2012/donald/#

To learn about about how ExecuJobs can effectively market your product – you, contact us at pr@execujobs.net or call 800.767.0691.

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