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How Do I Tell If A Company Is A Good Fit For Me? – Part Two

If you used the employment process as a determinant to whether a company was a good fit, you would probably not accept any offer of employment because the process is very broken in almost every company.

The purpose of this blog post is to understand the process – what it is and why – so that with realistic expectations, you can ignore it as an indicator of whether a company is a good fit.

I am going to use a real person’s (false name) recent experiences to make my points:

Joe saw a job posting in April that appeared a perfect match. He applied with a cover letter customizing his skills and experience to the requirements.

§ Three months later he received a message scheduling him for interviews in early August. He knew who his competition was having seen and recognized his name on the sign-in sheet – not a good move if either was employed!

He was told the decision would be made within 10 days but he heard nothing for 3 weeks so he assumed his competitor was getting the position. Finally they left a message – that they “hoped to make an offer within the next 2 weeks”.

After 3 weeks had passed, he was again sure his competitor, not he, was receiving the offer. I continued to assure him that was not necessarily the case – just the usual slow process with no effort on the part of the company to keep him “warm”.

Finally, 5 weeks after interviewing – he received a call with an offer.

The initial offer was 20% less than he had been earning but, rather than walk away, he stayed “cool-headed” and made a counter-proposal with my assistance, and one week later he received and accepted an offer that met his requirements. This process took 5 months!

He has now been on the job for several weeks and could not be happier. There was nothing about the broken process described above that predicted anything but a perfect fit to the role and organization.

Fortunately, there are professional career management and marketing firms that can guide and coach throughout the interviewing and negotiating process. So, consult a professional. ExecuJobs has helped thousands of job seekers achieve their goals – not simply a job but a great fit. Give them an opportunity to help you. To start on the path to a successful job search, contact us @ PR@ExecuJobs.net or go to www.ExecuJobs.net today!

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