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How Do I Tell If A Company Is A Good Fit For Me? – Part One

This is a great question but not a short, easy answer; therefore a three-part series. This first part will deal with what you control … which is letting the company determine if you are a good fit for them – that really is the best way to achieve a great fit.

The second part will deal with what not to use as a determinant … which is the employment process … because it is really broken in almost every company.

The third part will refer you to a few books listed on my LinkedIn Profile and cover the topics of: Authentic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Data-driven (internal metrics and external benchmarking), and the books of Jim Dixon which clearly define the characteristics of successful and unsuccessful companies.

Now how do you “let a company determine if you’re a good fit”?


Most interviews are “exploratory” meaning the interviewer is not clear regarding your competencies, achievements, skills and potential fit. That is often because the candidate has attempted to write a resume trying to be “everything for everybody” vs. differentiating themselves by describing with clarity what they do offer. The initial phone or in-person interview is therefore utilized to gather information regarding each of these and the odds are high, that as each is “uncovered”, you will not be a suitable candidate. Thus, these interviews are a frustrating experience rarely resulting in a call-back for a second interview.

A resume that differentiates you by being crystal clear regarding competencies, achievements and skills means the interviewer knows you have exactly what the job is requires and therefore has a high degree of interest in you. The interview is then just to determine personality fit. The odds of this interview resulting in a callback and ultimately an offer are quite high.


If you are self-aware and able to articulate your value proposition to the company, your strengths and, yes, your weaknesses, you will again differentiate yourself and either be a match to the culture or not. If you are perceived to be a match, i.e., they want you for exactly who you are, then the company is in fact a good fit for you. In other words, you will avoid the “honeymoon” phenomenon – which is not a good thing – that is we thought you were one type of person based on your behavior during the courtship period but found out you were quite different once married. If that occurs, your tenure will be short, but if you describe yourself accurately, and that is what the company seeks, there is no better predictor of a secure job.

Fortunately, there are professional career management and marketing firms that can assist you by developing a resume that differentiates you with crystal clarity and can prepare you to interview by assessing you and preparing you to speak to your strengths and weaknesses.

So, consult a professional. ExecuJobs has helped thousands of job seekers achieve their goals – not simply a job but a great fit. Give them an opportunity to help you. To start on the path to a successful job search, contact us @ PR@ExecuJobs.net or go to www.ExecuJobs.net today!

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