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Email Rules for the Job Seeker

For many of us of a certain age, we remember when our first impression on a prospective employer was made by our suit, polished shoes and a neat haircut. Now your first impression is almost always by email. If you are not doing the following, your impression will be negative and may be the reason your job search is lacking traction:

  • Your email address must be first initial/first name and your last name, just like at work; not a family email or one that reflects your hobby.
  • You should use Microsoft Outlook with Word as your editor so that your emails are as polished as a letter with formatting – well-constructed paragraphs, proper capitalization, bullets, etc., and,
  • You must, must, must spell check your emails.
  • You should check for new emails at least 3 times per day – early, mid-day, and late day. Considering the pervasiveness of Blackberries that has executives and recruiters receiving and sending emails 24 X 7, not responding for 24 or 48 hours would create a very negative impression. Check your emails at least once on weekends (on Sunday evening) as well. An executive or recruiter who had scheduled you for a Monday morning interview would expect to be able to reach you by email to inform you the meeting has been re-scheduled.

I can safely say that every job seeker to who is not following the above rules is not succeeding at their job search. Recognize you need a parallel goal of gaining technical savvy while conducting your search. ExecuJobs utilizes every bit of 21st century technology to conduct a savvy job search and can market you in a way that will have you appear more tech savvy than you may. So, give them an opportunity to help you. To start on the path to the technical solutions to your job search, contact us @PR@execujobs.net or go to www.execujobs.net today!

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