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“It was an unbearably steamy August afternoon in New York City, the kind of sweaty day that makes people sullen with discomfort. I was heading back to a hotel, and as I stepped onto a bus up Madison Avenue I was startled by the driver, a middle-aged black man with an enthusiastic smile, who welcomed me with a friendly, “Hi! How you doing?” as I got on, a greeting he proffered to everyone else who entered as the bus wormed through the thick midtown traffic. Each passenger was as startled as I, and, locked into the morose mood of the day, few returned his greeting.

But as the bus crawled uptown through the gridlock, a slow, rather magical transformation occurred. The driver gave a running monologue for our benefit, a lively commentary on the passing scene around us: there was a terrific sale at that store, a wonderful exhibit at this museum, did you hear about the new movie that just opened at that cinema down the block? His delight in the rich possibilities the city offered was infectious. By the time people got off the bus, each in turn had shaken off the sullen shell they had entered with, and when the driver shouted out a “So long, have a great day!” each gave a smiling response.”

I read this in Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence, in 1995, a have made a real effort to be that bus driver ever since. I hope that most who know me would say I am succeeding.

Would most that know you, describe you this way?

May be you were this way before you got laid off after 30 years of dedicated service, but to conduct a successful job search, you must be perceived this way now!

Most of ExecuJobs’ clients do feel this way after a week or two; not because we are psychotherapists, but because there are several elements to our process that help generate this positive outlook:

a)     Therapists say that a patient deciding to seek professional assistance is “50% cured”. Simply recognizing a job search requires professional assistance and taking the step to engage our services is a very positive first step.

b)    A prospective executive client recently said to us, “Throughout my career, and life, I have always had a plan and a “to do” list … I know what I needed to do each morning. Now I have no plan, no idea what to do tomorrow morning”. Our process is very formally planned and there is always a “to do” list with no question about what needs to be done each day.

c)     Last, there are many frustrations to conducting a job search: “Why do former colleagues not respond to my requests for assistance?”, “Why do I hear nothing from hundreds of jobs applied for online?”, “Why did I not get an offer from that company I thought I successfully interviewed with meeting many people over many weeks?”

The ongoing coaching of ExecuJobs’ professional Career Advisors ensures each client has realistic expectations and accepts that certain setbacks are inevitable but there are effective ways to ask former colleagues for assistance and receive it! There are ways to apply online and get an interview! And there is a way to prepare for interviews that will raise significantly the likelihood of an offer! Most importantly, there is a need for a high level of productive activity to reduce the amount of emotional investment into any one opportunity!

So take the first step and contact ExecuJobs, the premier executive career search marketing firm, today by calling ExecuJobs Customer Care @ 800.767.0691 (Extension 310) or completing an online form at www.execujobs.net/contact.


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