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Just wanted to shoot you a quick thanks for my successful experience at ExecuJobs.   As I said when I started, I believed in the process, and there were a number of things that helped me along the way – always hard to point out what might have been the silver bullet as it’s likely a combination of a number of things, but the resume got a great review and was definitely what caught the attention of my new employer (it was pointed out to me by the recruiter from feedback he initially received)….the LinkedIn usage knowledge and subsequent content improvement also helped greatly, and I am now an active member of GPSEG, and hope to receive even more benefit from that organization, as well as availing myself as a resource for them as well.

Thanks again to you and Mark – I have given Mark an endorsement on LinkedIn and am certainly an advocate of your services at ExecuJobs.

Best Regards,

Lon Burke

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