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Imagine a teacher spends a week teaching high school students the proper way to provide footnotes on a research paper. On Friday she gives an assignment due Monday for each student to prepare a one-page research paper using original source material with proper footnotes. She tells the students to take out their agendas to write down the instructions and hands to the class written instructions and a summary of how to do footnotes.

Monday night she reviews the papers and finds the following:

▪   10% complete the assignment perfectly.

▪   10% do not hand in the assignment.

▪   10% think four-pages is better than one and provide so many footnotes, some     done incorrectly, therefore unnecessarily reducing their grade.

▪   10% do no footnotes.

▪   10% do footnotes but incorrectly.

▪   50% do the assignment reasonably well.

The total is 40% do the assignment poorly. That means 40% of us do not follow the post-surgical directions received from doctors; IRS or accountant instructions for preparing our income taxes; and most seriously, fail to follow the instructions of a prospective employer or recruiter which damages our prospects.

Part of the ongoing coaching provided by ExecuJobs, the premier executive career marketing and coaching firm, is the review of all correspondence prior to it being sent to an employer or recruiter ensuring the correspondence is perfect and no loss of opportunity due to any lack of understanding.

To learn more about our services, visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/ExecuJobs/166541356724085?fref=ts or LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/company/1215588?trk=tyah.  Contact ExecuJobs today at pr@execujobs.net or 800.767.0691 Extension 302.

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