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How To Find A Job When You Can’t

All our forebears, in every immigrant wave, quickly found employment. Despite discrimination, a lack of English fluency, or any recognition of educational credentials from abroad, employment was quickly found; typically, by following one’s countrymen into the same line of work – so the Russian physician becomes a cab driver.

So, if they all found jobs, why can’t you? Simple, what they wanted in terms of work, pay or working conditions was immaterial to what work could be found. Any executive or professional who has not found a job in three months, it is because their focus is on where they would like to work and how much they would like to be paid rather than where in the marketplace there is a need for their skills and experience and what the marketplace considers the going rate for their skills.

All home sellers start off by asking too much for their homes – more than the market comps suggest. Why? Because there is the irrational belief that the new hardwood floors or finished basement justify a higher asking price than the neighbor’s recent sale. What happens over three months with no offers? The seller reduces their price – as that is the only variable they control.
What does the job seeker do after 3 months? Do they answer salary inquiries with a lower figure? Generally, not. Do they change anything strategically to raise the odds of generating job offers? Generally, not.

What to do? Retain a career coach who knows the employment market inside and out. Someone who will direct you to the industries and companies that need your skills and experience. Who will help you change your resume and LinkedIn Profile from a recitation of everything you have ever done to marketing materials that will present you specifically to those industries and companies. Someone who will help you to answer salary inquiries in a specific way that reflects the going rate and removes your salary history as an obstacle to “getting in the door”. Someone who will honestly but creatively help you to not only maximize your strengths but minimize your liabilities, for example, age, an extended period of unemployment or short-tenured positions.

Go on LinkedIn and search for Career Coaches in your area who are highly recommended by past clients; reach out to them today and you will find a job when it seems that you can’t!

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