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Four Steps to a Successful Job Search

I have worked with hundreds of senior executives seeking their next career opportunity and have distilled the barriers to success, and the solutions, below:

  • Positioning – Your LinkedIn Profile and resume need to communicate three things – what you do, how well you do it, and what you want to do next. Let’s start with the last one first. If you have been both in corporate roles and more recently in a consulting capacity but would like to return to a corporate role, your presentation must support that goal; therefore the ‘what you do’ should focus on the corporate experience. The ‘how well you do’ is sharing business outcomes/metrics that your actions impacted, and what those actions were.
  • LinkedIn – THE marketplace for where talent and companies together. Nothing else matters or comes close. Everyone needs to build his or her network to 500+ and everyone should have multiple Recommendations – try giving them first!
  • Referrals – networking in any form is gaining referrals from who you know, to who they know, to who they know … until you are talking to the decision-maker who can hire you. The science of Six Degrees of Separation says that it takes five steps to connect to that person; thanks to LinkedIn, that has been cut in half!
  • Last, Follow-Up – very little happens in life (even among loved ones), after only one request; we need to ask repeatedly. We don’t want to nag so we need to systematize our follow-up by spacing out the requests recognizing others are busy with high-priority activities … but we do need to keep asking!

Follow these four steps and you will significantly improve your job search. Good luck!

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