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Client Testimonials

The following are just some of our client testimonials. Use the scroll bar to view!

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Rich in my recent job search. I was a bit unsure in the beginning of the Execujob process exactly how this would be of value to me, but I soon found out that Mark is a trustworthy professional and really helped me greatly in finding a new job. What I think are the best attributes about Mark are his expertise in navigating the electronic processes for searching and networking. They were new to me, but he was well versed and was an excellent teacher. He was also a real sounding board for me in this difficult time. He didn't always tell me what I wanted to hear, but more importantly what I needed to hear. He was patient, firm and excited at the prospect of helping me understand my real accomplishments and to get that information into a smart, concise representation of me. He was a great source of information on how and where to look for opportunities. Most of all he was a great coach when offers came in. His evaluation process was evenhanded and practical. I don't look for a new job often and Mark is not a Supply Chain /Manufacturing professional, its better that he helped me find a new opportunity and that I run the factory. Think about it, don't you want the best person for the job, no matter what it is. If you are looking to change your career or if your career has been changed for you I cannot recommend a better person to go with you on the journey than Mark Rich. My sincere thanks go to Mark and Execujobs.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity


Facing the harsh realities of unemployment is difficult and the job search process is even more stressful. Mark Rich is the consummate professional career coach with a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the process that enabled me to remain organized, focused and above all, calm. Mark's marketing plan, from preparing an excellent resume to honing search criteria was first rate and worked, producing excellent results. As a job candidate it is necessary to work diligently on your search, but following Mark's guidance step by step will, I am confident, enable one to be successful every time.

Thank you Mark and ExecuJobs for a job well done.

ExecuJobs did an outstanding job of developing my resume, oral presentation and other key job search skills to effectively demonstrate my value, experience and skill set to potential hiring companies.

I was able to dramatically improve my presentation skills and find a great job with Mark's coaching. I would recommend his work to any senior management executive. At 61 years of age most people told me I would not find a job. Not only did I, but the best position in my 40 year career paying more than any previous position. Listen and process and use his advice and counsel!

Mark is an excellent career coach who provides very useful direction and advice. His is experienced and street savvy, giving me the confidence that I'm spending my time and responding to situations in the most effective manner. It was extremely helpful to have him there to keep me centered and confident as I navigated through new (to me) territory.

Execujobs's knowledge of the hiring process, the dynamics in today's work place, and methodical approach to job seeking are why I was successful identifying and securing a position with a company I am well suited for. I learned so much from him that will be useful tools for the rest of my career. He loves his work and deeply cares about his clients' success and that makes all the difference.

Jim, Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Although I have services of an Outplacement Service, Mark has provided me with a more comprehensive job search plan. Mark has helped me better position myself with an improved resume format and a well defined marketing plan. Additionally, Mark has gone to great lengths to provide me with specific instructions on how to network effectively both electronically and within a social setting. Mark is a winner and he genuinely cares that you are successful at reaching your career goals.

David A.

In a service space such as career consulting that is often scrutinized for value and results, My coach stood out as an intelligent, caring and hardworking professional that delivers results. ExecuJobs isn't going to hand you results on a silver platter but he is going to give you the tools and challenge you to think out of the box about yourself, and work hard to take you to a new place in your career journey. They worked closely with me in a time of retrospection and helped me to achieve incredible results in personal branding which lead to a list of incredible opportunities to choose from!


I highly recommend ExecuJobs to anyone who is in a career transition period. My career advisor was outstanding. His knowledge of how to network is by far the best I have come across. He is always available to his clients even over weekends, as they pursue new opportunities. His advice is extremely valuable and his efforts to facilitate cooperative discussion among executes are professional and effective. He is truly an asset to ExecuJobs.


ExecuJobs Career Advisor Mark R Comments

Dear Mark,

It was a pleasure having Mark Rich as my career management adviser. Mark is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced Human Resource professional. Mark's approach and enthusiasm made it very easy for me to work with him. Mark guided me through ExecuJobs' systematic methods and processes to enhance my resume, define my target companies, broaden my network, and develop new techniques to contact those "decision makers" who could hire me. Mark was very good in helping me maintain my momentum and focus as I implemented these techniques throughout my search. I would highly recommend Mark.

John Grimes

Dear Mark,

Mark is a knowledgeable and supportive career counselor and counselor. He is current on all technologies and processes that maximize results and shares them in a collaborative manner. Mark is a steady, constant and supportive partner during a stressful time in one's career. I would recommend Mark (and have!) as a career counselor to any executive who is serious about advancing their career.

Diana Brenna

Dear Mark,

When I decided it was time to get serious about landing a new position I investigated multiple firms specializing in career counseling and marketing services. In the end I was extremely fortunate to link-up with Mark Rich. Mark provided me with a disciplined approach to conduct my search. His structured methodology, deep understanding of workforce dynamics, and extensive network of contacts helped me immeasurably. With Mark's help, I was able to "target" companies where my core competencies, experience and management style would be a good "fit". Results? I recently secured a senior leadership role with a terrific company and although the company was not on our "original" target list (they almost never are) the company's "profile" was an exact match with the search criteria that Mark and I had developed together.

Conducting a search in today's tough job market can be challenging. My advice is to call Mark Rich NOW. He will surprise you with his knowledge and personal style. I view him as a "trusted advisor". He won't get you a job (that's up to you), but he will give you a practical framework to guide the search process from beginning to end. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, listen to his advice (and act on it!), Mark will help you get results.

I recommend Mark Rich without hesitation.

Garry Johnson

Dear Mark,

Although I have services of an Outplacement Service, Mark has provided me with a more comprehensive job search plan. Mark has helped me better position myself with an improved resume format and a well defined marketing plan. Additionally, Mark has gone to great lengths to provide me with specific instructions on how to network effectively both electronically and within a social setting. Mark is a winner and he genuinely cares that you are successful at reaching your career goals.

David Alcock

Mark sharpened my career focus, from my resume', to my target companies, and especially in describing what I am looking for in my next position. I spent too many months before Mark with an outplacement firm that had a too general approach. Mark dug deep to sharpen my focus which resulted in me getting multiple offers at the same time to pick which is the best match for my career. I highly recommend Mark to anyone in transition, or not satisfied with their career and wanting to make a change.

Michael A. M.

Mark and ExecuJobs were contracted to assist me in my job search - not as a recruiter but as a career coach. To that end, Mark was very effective in tuning up my resume, identifying professional resources for my use, and moving me along to identify companies vice positions I would like to work in. He is very personable and professional and his advice is based on past experience in the corporate HR industry. Follow his advice to get back in the game - to make finding a position a process and not a wild sporadic guess. Highly recommended individual who cares that you succeed.

Henry H.

Mark coached and guided me through a systematic process to aid me in a securing a satisfying position with good career potential. He provided advice and direction that was valuable in the job search and interviewing process.

Robert P.

Mark is a hard working, detailed oriented individual who works tirelessly for his clients. He has helped me to remain focused on my career search. He has taught me search methods that have enhanced my job search. Mark continues to offer encouragement and support. He is patient, kind and helpful and a tremendous asset to ExecuJobs. I would highly recommend Mark Rich to anyone who is in need of a career coach.

Rosemary F.

Throughout my career I have negotiated with many service partners promising a standard of service that has always fallen short of expectation. I can honestly say that Mark delivered on every aspect of his proposal exceeding all my expectations. With each week, his formal agenda built on the previous week and I quickly saw a campaign develop that I knew represented how I truly wanted to market my skills. As a result of Marks professional service, I have accepted a position as Vice President of Sales and it has changed my life.

Ira S

Mark was a respected leader, who gave me the opportunity to grow as a business person. He is a superb listener, an adviser with a balanced perspective, and a caring colleague, who always finds the time to explore the issues on the table and resolve them with a well considered solution.

Martha K.

Norm and Mark,

Thank you both for your tremendous help and support during my recent job search efforts. I am delighted with the successful outcome of my search, having recently been offered the position to lead the Small Business Credit Product Group. The coaching, networking skills development as well as following Mark's mantra of "be seen" and "be visible" through both electronic sources like Linked in and Plaxo Pulse as well as offline networking groups like The Breakfast Club all served to expedite my job search culminating in a job offer after working with ExecuJobs for just 3 ½ months. I very much appreciate how effectively and smoothly the entire process was conducted. Mark, you are a dedicated professional who truly cares about your client's achieving success. You were always accessible and ready to help. I consider you a colleague and a friend.

I will forward my contact information to you both once I begin on July 1st. Once again thank you.

Best regards,

Donna V.

ExecuJobs Career Advisors Recommendations


I just want to express my thanks to you and your staff in assisting me in finding a job opportunity. As you know looking for a job takes a lot out of an individual both physically and mentally. I met with ExecuJobs sometime in late January 2008. I will be honest with you, I did not know what to expect. I have been dealing with recruiters who do not care about you as an individual, do not understand the industry and most importantly do not understand what you are looking for in a career. You knew exactly what I was looking for, an opportunity with a firm where I can bring my experience, skills and talents and make an immediate contribution. Lou made me feel much better about myself as an individual after meeting with him. I came out of the meeting concerned about paying for this if I made a decision to sign up with ExecuJobs. This is where you come into the picture. You met with me and my wife and explained how the entire process works from beginning to end. You also understood the fact that I was going to need some assistance from my parents in paying for this and you did not blink an eye about working out a payment plan with me. I knew right there and then that this was the right place for me. I met with Lou DeRosa on many occasions and he is a very honest individual. Lou tells you like it is. Lou has many years of experience in the recruiting business and on many occasions has informed me that you have to watch your back with some of the recruiters out in this world. He has provided me with advice that will go along way in my career. In addition Lou is a great listener. This is a trait that is very hard to come by.

I know that I have only been a client since February 2008 but I have to tell you that joining your firm was the one of the best decisions I have made in a long time.

I wish you the best of luck.

Richard S.

Dear Norm,

I would like to take the time to thank you, Jeff, Mark Rich and ExecuJobs for the services you provided to me in my recent job search. As you know, I had investigated other career service firms and made the decision to proceed with you - even though your fees were higher than others. I now know that I made the right decision.

It took only 8 short weeks with ExecuJobs for me to land this opportunity. I know it was all the right advice given to me in the process and the efforts of my great career counselor, Mark Rich. If you remember, I was hesitant about starting in February because I was going on a two week vacation in March and Jeff told me that a lot could be done before I left. Boy, he was not kidding. Mark had me working, working, working and the interviews came before I went on vacation and the offer came right after I came home.

I will continue to keep in touch with ExecuJobs, refer everyone I know who needs career counseling, and possibly tap into your clients if the need arises at my new firm.

If I can assist you in any way in the future, please do not hesitate to call me.

Most sincerely,
Christine C.

I'm not sure if you remember be, but I have been meaning to circle back with you for the past few months and only now have a moment. I have been working hard with Michael Abrams.

I met with you around the last Friday of September. I had quit my job less than 24 hours before. You spent several hours with me that day in what turned out to be a very fortuitous venture for me. I was pretty beaten down when I arrived, but I left with much hope about my career future and was going to take a few weeks to check things out on my own before making the decision to hire you. After a few weeks I decided to go forward and make the investment.

You asked me the same question you probably ask everyone who sits in front of you, what I wanted to take away with me that day. I told you I wanted a new job, but my second choice was the best piece of advice you could give me that would benefit my situation in case I didn't hire you. You actually gave me about 5 amazing pieces of advice, all but one of which I put into practice the following day.

Three weeks after I signed on with your firm several things began to shift for me. I received a call from some former business contacts asking me to consult with them, and I had my first interview for a job with a company that I had researched and wanted to work for. By the end of the second week, I had another interview lined up and had already received a check for consulting services that paid my bills for the entire month. By the end of the second month, I had interviewed for four different jobs with one company, each larger than the previous, and the couple of new companies I had sent your version of my resume's to were calling me for interviews.

The first week in November, I was negotiating with two different companies for jobs that I really wanted. I accepted a position with an amazing company that is the largest distributor of a specialized building product in the US. It is a very small company that is looking to double their growth in the next year and triple in the next five years. They hired me as their COO. The salary and benefits package are very good, and the president intends to move back home (out of country) ion about three years and intends to turn the business over to me to run at that point. The long-range payoffs look amazing. I am not sure if I told you this but I am also an Observant Jew. Orthodox that is. The man I work for is also Israeli, so I didn't have to explain my situation to him.

I wanted to thank you for the time you took with me and the incredible advice you gave to me. I think it is very important for people to know when they have made a significant contribution in the life of another person, and you have a friend for life. I highly recommend your process and it was the best investment I could have ever made!

Warm regards,
Mount Laurel, NJ

Dear Mr. Bank,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on June 7th to review my qualifications and discuss the services that ExecuJobs provides. I truly appreciated your honesty and candid feedback surrounding my job search and how I can improve my efforts.

Your clarification on how to market myself more effectively was extremely insightful and will absolutely help shape the development of my campaign.

In very short time, I have found that many people in my career search industry do not take the extra time to provide feedback if it is not in their immediate interest. Thank you for being different. You lead-by-example approach will serve as a strong foundation as a determination of the skills that motivate me each and every day.

Once my campaign is up and running, I will absolutely keep you at the forefront of partners to assist me in my search for a better career.

Malvern, PA

I thought I should take a moment to tell you how things are progressing.

Michael Abrams is quite an individual and if I were not in such desperate shape, I am confident that I would further along. He is doing his best to keep me calm and focused. I know that I am 'doing better' since starting with your firm and I hope to have a real success story to share soon. Friday I was in an absolute panic. He saw me early and did his level best to calm me down and focus on the tasks. He is a good man and really known his business. I will have a lot to thank him for before this is over!

You should also know that Marc Weil has earned a special place in my heart for all the extra effort he put into my 'case' before I even signed on. He was always there for me and provided tons of advice to help secure a position that would at least keep me afloat while our search continues. He returned every phone call within hours and every email the same day. He is very professional and his salesmanship is exemplary. When I land that dream position, fair warning, Ill probably try to steal him from you! What is particularly amazing about what he did is that had I landed the job, there had to be in his mind a great risk that I would not sign on. He could have been 100% certain that I was as motivated as I am to jump industries. His 'client first firm second' attitude closed the deal for me, and for my wife. If Marc could be so helpful and giving, how much more must there be for actual clients!! He's a keeper!!

I hope to have good news for you soon. I hope to have an interim position soon so that I can concentrate on my campaign.

Fort Washington, PA

Thank you for the opportunity you presented me last week. My meeting with Mr. Weil went quite well and positioned Mr. Weil and myself for the next part of the process. I was pleasantly surprised by both the caliber and the range of expertise presented to me. Since meeting with Mr. Weil I possess an awakened desire to pursue excellence.

My compliments to Rose Marie, Office Manager, as well: I am certain she wears more than one hat and still does a remarkable job.

King Prussia, PA


First of all I need to admit that I wouldn't have had the position I have if not for you. I am glad I met you for giving me the chance to believe again in myself.

The company I work for is start-up with some potential and high uncertainty but I thrive in this environment. I enjoy the exposure and the responsibilities. I am part of the executive team and, needless to say, I feel good. The day is hectic, decisions are tough, and many nights I lose sleep but it is worthy.

I make some worthwhile contacts and I understand now how IMPORTANT is networking. I think I make a few good contacts.

My career search is not over; I need to pick it up again because this position is NOT forever.

I wish you well and when I have a few minutes I'll respond with a longer description.

I need to give feedback on what worked well.

Stay in touch

Dear Mr. DeRosa,

I would like to take this time to thank you for the knowledge and expertise you transferred to me during my career mentoring sessions. The knowledge, resume preparation, and interviewing training assisted me in securing a position and salary that I am very excited about.

I would refer you and your company to any individual seeking a career move, or advancement. I found your professionalism and demeanor very comfortable and easy to work with. That along with your expertise in the human resources felid provided to be a success.

Very Truly Yours,
E.L. T.
Princeton, NJ

Dear Mr. Domingos,

This is a note of appreciation for your services during the term of my employment search.

When I chose ExecuJobs for help in my job search activities, I was coming to the end of my ideas on how to proceed. I was considering taking a job as a clerk at Home Depot just to get by.

Your guidance, enthusiasm, and recruiting knowledge helped me present my abilities more effectively thereby landing an employment opportunity closely aligned with my skills. Your coaching coupled with the skillful editing of my resume showed the employment market where I could gainfully contribute. Your talents united with the ExecuJobs job searching method/structure ensured that all opportunity avenues were explored.

Because of your efforts, I am pleased to say that I am now the Director of Engineering for XXXXXX XXXX headquartered in New Castle, DE.

Thank you for your service and for making my professional life fulfilling.

Wilmington, Delaware

Dear Dr. Jay,

I just wanted to write you to express my appreciation during my recent job search. Not having been in the market for almost 18 years, I was not sure what to expect. Through your experience and guidance, I felt very prepared and confident in landing a position that was right for me.

Having accepted the position of General Manager in a national recognized environmental services company, I truly believe that I would not of been able to do it with your help. I will certainly keep in touch over the next few years. Thanks again.

Delray Beach, FL

I can't possibly thank you enough for all your time, attention, and honest advice. You've been very straightforward and telling me what I need to do or change to move forward and this is much appreciated. A big help has been all the advice on how to stay positive and have realistic expectations during the career search. I also appreciate that I can contact you for advice and you always have a useful and timely response.

I've found the program helpful and well worth the investment. I look forward to future meetings and, ultimately, sharing in the excitement of a successful result.

Plantation, FL

I enjoy our meetings and appreciate your candid advice. Thus far, I have found the program to be informative and there to be many useful tools. Just yesterday I received a phone call from a potential employer. While I may have been caught off guard prior to participating in the ExecuJobs program, this time I was prepared and was able to immediately put into practice the telephone interviewing skills you shared.

I will look forward to continuing the process with you. Thank you again for your flexibility and for your sincere interest in my success.

Delray Beach, FL

I do not have wide experience in this area, and as a matter of fact my only other experience is with one other Executive Career Firm. Couple this with my propensity to shy away from being generous with giving praise and hopefully you will appreciate my deep appreciation for the guidance, assistance and support you have provided for me.

After my earlier experience, I am still unable to explain why I signed up with you, it must have been divine inspiration, but whatever the reason, I am glad I did.

In closing, I want thank you for your very genuine effort.

Coral Springs, FL

As you know, before I started the program at ExecuJobs, I researched the options available to me. In addition to ExecuJobs, I looked at the outplacement company my previous employer has a national agreement. Additionally, I looked at one more career counseling firm in the area closer to my residence. After I meet with these firms and evaluated the services provided, I decided to move forward with ExecuJobs.

I truly believe that following the process and your sound advise, allowed me to secure this opportunity. During the weeks we worked together, there were several items of importance to me. However, identifying my marketable skills and highlighting them, along with the interview preparation, were the most valuable items we worked on. I do appreciate you being always available for advice and suggestions. You were always flexible enough in the times to meet as well as to the structure or topics to cover in our meetings. I know you put my interests, objectives and goals in front of everything else. I truly feel you are a valuable partner and advisor.

I feel very satisfied of the decision I made to work with ExecuJobs. It was a wise investment of my time. You have exceeded my expectations for the service from ExecuJobs!

Boca Raton, FL.